Friday, August 3


Since leaving the Barrington Yacht Club, where we stayed for Craig's test.  Which by the way, he is extremely relieved it is over but anxious for the results.  While we awaited the arrival of our friends from Dallas, captain Dan graciously allowed us to stay on Pete's dock again.  We motored over to Swansea in the pouring rain.  I sported my new foul weather gear and stood on deck to point out crab pot buoy's so Craig could navigate around them.  We (I mean Craig and Dan) got some much needed projects done on the boat and ordered necessary parts.  We went for a great sail in the bay one day, did some boat school, gave the boat a good bath and played on the beach.  We even got to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (at Dan's)!   Then we hoisted up the UFO looking antenna and voila, we can now watch the olympics on the boat!  We get about 3 channels and luckily, one of them is the olympics.  So, consequently, we are staying up too late watching!  This is a special occasion, of course, and we told the girls not to get any bright ideas.

Olivia coiling the dock lines

Nice job!

Mmmm, fresh crab for lunch

Doesn't this look fun?

Full moon over Swansea

Playing in the hose

Beach bums

Mmmmm, chocolate cake to celebrate Craig's test being over (homemade on the boat!)

Local farm fresh, grilled corn

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