Friday, August 10

While the cats away....

The mice will most certainly play!  Kate, Olivia, Craig and I had a fun couple of days while Maggie was hanging out with Charlotte, having fun as well.  We went to the Herreshoff Maritime Museum which is dedicated to the education and history of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and the America's Cup competition.  Capt. Nathanael Herreshoff is a world renowned yacht designer and builder, including many of the America's Cup winners.

Riding to the museum

Liv's pointing out where she is supposed to be going....

Dan's friend Pete donated his "S" boat to the museum

Simply Beautiful

Inside the boat barn

We were witness to the Commodore sailing race of the local yacht club.  We had a front row seat since the starting line was right in front of our boat anchored in Bristol Harbor.  The boats were all different sizes as they headed across the start line every 2 minutes and headed around Hot Island.

Olivia and Kate even got their 2 scoops of ice cream!

Sitting on the jib

The ferry 

Kate's daisy chain

A storm was brewing, the wind picked up and these guys came out to play and do some tricks.

The wind was creating quite a chop, so we picked up Maggie at the dinghy dock.  It was a wet and wild ride for sure!  Here is a picture of Kate after we arrived back at the boat.  We decided to move to a more protected anchorage over by Hog Island because the waves were 2 feet high and making me a wee bit sea sick.

Mount Hope bridge from the protection of Hog Island for the night

We sailed back up to Barrington to pick up a boat part that was mailed to Uncle John and Elaine's house.  

It's hard to sail when someone is sitting on it!

This cool boat was in the marina where John and Elaine keep their boat, where Elaine kindly brought our part to us.

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