Sunday, August 26

Olivia's Hiking Story

I walked an island that had mountains.  I walked 2 mountains.  The mountain was 679 feet tall.  I love climbing mountains.  I saw our boat and others.  It was fun.  Now I know how hard it is to climb a mountain.  After we were done hiking, we went home and ate dinner.  The view on the rocks was pretty.  It was fun climbing the mountain.  I learned what a fire road is.  It is a road that fire trucks can go on to fight forest fires.  I carried the 350 pound dinghy to the water.  I am proud of myself and Kate is too.

Climbing over the boulders like a champ

Looking at the boat in valley cove high atop the mountain

walking along the fire road at the end of our hike

Anthony and Irena help move our dinghy to the water

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