Wednesday, August 1

The Tooth Wars

Olivia had a loose front tooth before we left Dallas.  She told our dentist on her last visit days before departure that she was saving it until she was on the boat.  She wiggled it and wiggled it when we were in Florida and even on our passage north.  However, I guess she lost interest because she stopped wiggling.  UNTIL Kate announced her bottom tooth was loose the other day.  We thought it would be fun to up the ante and have them race to see who could get theirs to fall out first.  The reward:  a double scoop of ice cream!  That got them wiggling like crazy, for a little while anyway.  UNTIL Kate was biting on the string of her dress and it made it really loose.  “Oohhhhliiiiviaaaa!  Kate’s tooth is really loose, you’d better get busy!”.  The 2 of them sat down and got to work.  It didn’t take long, maybe an hour tops, for Kate’s tooth to come out.  Bless her big competitive heart, Olivia worked enthusiastic for another hour to get her tooth out.  Woo Hoo!  Kate came to me afterwards and asked if Liv could have a double scoop too (since they both lost their teeth on the same day).  YES, of course!

By the way, Olivia's other front tooth is loose too!  Maybe she'll get a triple scoop.

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