Tuesday, July 31

Bloody Nose by Maggie

          The sun was shining so brightly that it illuminated the sky with golden beams of light.  The large pool was rectangular in shape with slightly rounded corners and grey cement surrounding it.  I came rushing out the door in my pink and orange bikini ready to swim. The turquoise-blue water was as still as could be, desperately waiting for someone to jump in.  “C’mon!” I said waving my hand in the air, as I summoned my sisters to come swim with me.  I felt refreshed when I did a cannonball directly into the cool water, but not for long.  The smell of chlorine quickly changed to the smell of blood.  Without hesitation, I got out of the pool.  I felt it trickling down my face and soon the metallic taste of blood was on my tongue.  I knew my nose was bleeding when I raised my hand and saw red liquid.  I was angry because I couldn’t swim anymore, but that was shortly resolved when we had a scrumptious dinner and cookie dough ice cream for dessert.   


  1. Oh My, Maggie!! Great description of the setting for your yucky bloody nose!!

  2. Glad to see you are still smiling!