Monday, July 30

Just like family

When we left Jamestown last week, we headed north to Barrington Yacht Club to spend a couple of nights.  We picked this spot because it was convenient to Craig’s test where we could rent a car for the day.  The BYC was an excellent choice, though it was a tight squeeze getting up the narrow river at slack tide.  We stayed on their floating dock, which was in fact a small dock literally floating out in the mooring field.  It was a unique setting amidst a quiet neighborhood and no traffic.   The staff at BYC was very accommodating, professional and friendly even though our transient status stuck out like a sore thumb.  We soaked up the atmosphere and tried to belong while using the pool and free showers.   Although Kate managed to use all the hot water so the rest of us had a cold shower : )
We had the pleasure of meeting the aunt and uncle of our friends from Dallas.  They live in Barrington, just a few miles away from the BYC.   They opened up their home and served up a delicious dinner and beds in a beautiful quiet home.  The girls were in heaven with so much space to run around, a pool to swim in and toys (they have grandkids) to play with.  THANK YOU John and Elaine!

Their beautiful backyard overlooking the bay

Kate using the refreshing outdoor shower

The fish pond

Maggie, I think you are too big...

We will be going back to Barrington to meet up with our friends from Dallas, the Lutz family.  Charlotte and Maggie are counting the minutes!

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  1. Fabuloso! I am jealous that the Lutz's get to see you guys! Have a wonderful time!! Love to you all, Cari