Friday, July 6

Getting the hang of things

It has been somewhat of a difficult transition from work to play.  This great adventure took off in a whirlwind, with all the packing, moving into storage, frantically working on the boat to get ready and now working on the boat to continue.  And let us not forget that our first sail was a 10 day passage.  Our plans have changed time and time again.  As our friends once commented that well made plans are as firm as jello!  We have adapted to our ever changing schedule and the girls have been going with the flow (most of the time).
We have been enjoying our time here in Bristol, eating homemade ice cream at the Daily Scoop, hitting' the playground for some much needed monkey bar action and attending concerts in the park.  Yesterday we walked 3 miles to the CVS, paid a visit to the Bristol visitor center and went for a swim.  The water was a whopping 73F - not exactly warm and certainly refreshing.  Liv and I went for a kayak ride and then Kate went out on her own.

Liv getting ready to jump off the back of the boat 

 There goes Maggie!
 Mmmmm, The Daily Scoop ice cream
 Playground near the dinghy dock
 Liv is pooped after our 3 mile walk

 4th of July nails

Mmmm, dutch baby with sautéed apples, bananas with cinnamon

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