Sunday, July 22

Connecting to cyberspace

Let me begin this post by saying that connecting to the internet via wifi has proved to be more difficult than we expected.  In the major ports they have a very strong wifi, but they want you to pay a pretty penny for it.  Our system, called the 'bad boy' picks up a wifi signal great if 1.  too many other people aren't trying to use it at the same time (like 4th of July in Bristol Harbor) and 2. the harbor doesn't have it's own wifi they want you to pay to use.  Craig is convinced that the broadband in the major harbors is too powerful for our bad boy to pick up a signal.  Crazy, I know.  And incredibly frustrating at the same time.
Rest assured that we are researching our options to have a more reliable internet connection (we are on a budget you know).  We are trying to "unplug" as much as possible (speaking of which, I will soon be giving up my phone).  However, we need the internet for such things like ordering boat parts, school work and the most important of all - THE BLOG - and to hear from you!  I have many pictures to post and stories to tell.....

You might be asking yourself how I can post this if I don't have wifi.  Well, I am cheating, of sorts.  I write the post and then I use the harbor wifi until they ask for a password.  Which takes a few minutes - just long enough for this to be published.  Sneaky aren't I??

Quick update:  We are currently still in Block Island enjoying the town and the beach immensely.  We will be leaving here on Tuesday morning before another cold front brings possible thunderstorms.  We will go to Jamestown and then eventually to Barrington Yacht Club while Craig takes his recertification test in Warwick.

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