Monday, July 16

Fun in Newport

The past couple of days Craig has been studying away while the girls and I go play.  Here is a picture story....
mmmmm, grilled pizza on the boat!

Kate relaxing in the hammock

walking back from the grocery store

pretty lavender along the way

old firehouse red door

Newport Farmer's Market

For you Dave A. - A portable wood burning pizza oven!

enjoying a chocolate croissant from the farmer's market

Kate made tostadas with yogurt lime sauce.  Delicious!!

a walk into town via King Beach

King Beach statue

Maggie and Olivia statues

Newport Harbor (no I didn't get my hair cut!)

our boat on the hook

sunset on the water

walking the '40 steps' - used to be made out of wood

looking south on the 'cliff walk' - a 3 1/2 mile public walk along the water where you can admire the many famous mansions

Salve Regina University - beautiful and right on the water!

"The Breakers" - Ann Vanderbuilt's summer cottage with 70 rooms!

A surfer's memorial - people wrote messages on all the rocks at the base

Our lunch spot - a small black sand beach along the cliff walk

playing at the water

a couple of other mansions along the way

The Chinese Teahouse 

details of the roof

going through the tunnel under the chinese teahouse

another tunnel at rough point

Doris Duke's mansion - we wanted to take the tour and see the 'round the world exhibit' but it was closed.  Bummer!

wild life and the bearded rocks from seaweed

beautiful flowers everywhere along the walk

Maggie's turtle rocks

The Newport Regatta

Olivia made dinner - Quesadillas and salad!  Yummy!

We are headed to Block Island, RI 


  1. Hi Boyers - We're loving the blog. We visited the Baltimore Harbor yesterday and thought of you as we checked out the various vessels around. Missing you! xoxo - The Frigulettos

  2. Wonderful pictures. All very interesting. Those mansions look out of place on that beautiful coastline but it would be fun to take a walk thru one of them. Good looking food from Kate and Olivia. - Joyce

  3. Loved the pictures, everyone looks wonderful. Kate and Liv your dinners look super delicious, Love you all and miss you too.

  4. Looks like Craig is really missing out with all of that studying! Your Newport photos look like so much fun!