Friday, July 13

Olivia's passage news!

Written by Olivia during our passage (during stop over in Virginia Beach waiting for the weather) – June 26, 2012  (sorry so tardy in posting).

We saw dolphins.  It was cool.  I was happy.  I saw flying fish.  I have never seen them before.  It was awesome.  I learned how to drive the boat.  Now when I go to camp with Maggie and Kate, we can sail our own boat.  I have 5 best friends, only one goes to my camp.  I am excited that we get to see Charlotte in Rhode Island. We are going to stay there for 2 days.  We are running out of food. We are going to the store today.  The dingy stopped its motor. We had to paddle back. We got past the storm.  I am happy because we are going to the beach today. 

Photo shoot with Maggie

Our first day on passage - takes some getting used too


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