Monday, July 23

Block Island

Here we are anchored in the Great Salt Pond in Block Island.  Everyone we talk to (in Rhode Island) says this is a “must see”.  It is a smallish island (10 square miles) that uses diesel generators to power the entire island.  There are 2 lighthouses, one north and one south and the only way on and off the island is by boat or ferry.  This enchanting destination is 14 miles from Stonington CT and 25 miles from Newport.    There seems to be more bicycles and mopeds than cars.  The well-weathered cottages adorned with shingles are scattered along the scenic shoreline and nestled in the trees on the hilltop.  There is a definite laid-back authentic island feel, as if you have stepped back in time before fast food chains and Starbucks were on every corner.  The ‘pond’ is quite large, protected 360 degrees around and has room for hundreds of boats.  It is very quiet with the exception of ‘Aldo’, who comes around in his boat twice a day hollering in a booming voice “Andiamos… at yoouuuRRR BOAT!”  He sells fresh coffee and pastries.  Mmm-mmm good!
We left Newport last Monday with every intention to sail the 25 miles south.  However, the wind was on our nose and we pounded into the waves.  After a while, we decided to take shelter at Point Judith, which has a harbor of refuge (man made protection).  We were really glad we did because the following morning we had perfect sailing conditions the remaining 13 miles to Block Island.

Regatta in Newport as we were leaving

Love this house.  It is privately owned and is more than 10,000 sq feet built into the rock base.  It is completely off the grid with solar panels and 3000 gallons of rainwater stored in the attic.  It was built back in the 1800's and structurally has had little done to it since.  Amazing!

Waves crashing over the rocks at Pt Judith harbor of refuge

Pt Judith light house

Making our way to Block Island (upper left corner)

Maggie on watch (tough job with the autopilot!)

Block Island anchorage & mooring

The girls and I walked to the north lighthouse (which was MUCH longer than the mile and a half that we were told!).  We stopped along the way at a sacred Labyrinth and the rock where the very fist settlers landed back in 1661. 

Many souls following the winding path

Kate signing her name among the hundreds of messages on the bench (pen is provided for this purpose)

Little pond on the walk to the lighthouse

Attractive fish sculpture in the pond

The northern lighthouse

Block Island settlers rock

Walking home

Maggie made dinner - grilled chicken and salad with lemon, mint and grilled onions (dad helped with the grilling)

Yeah baby!
Olivia learns how to kayak all by herself!  She started out on a "tether" to the boat and has earned the privilege to go it alone.  Now we need a second kayak to keep up with her!


  1. I found Point Judith on the map but couldn't locate Block Island, probably because it's so small. Sounds like a fun place to drop anchor. Love that 10,000 sq ft house - how did they do that so many years ago? Maggie, your dinner looks yummy; Olivia looks like a pro in that kayak! We are looking forward to going back to the East Coast even more after following your adventures. - Joyce

  2. Joyce - find Point Judith, then look south, out into the Atlantic oh, 12 miles....

    1. I found it - I didn't even notice it before -thanks. - Joyce