Wednesday, July 25

More Block Island

More fun had by all on Block Island.....

Beautiful Block Island

Main Street

Lots of shopping

Mmmmm, Del's frozen lemonade

Where are you?

Craig studying....again

The Oar Restaurant, thousands of oars like these line the walls and ceiling

The Great Salt Pond full of boats

Our first clam chowder in New England!

The beach

Swimmin' in the waves

One happy family

Livs got the moves playing soccer with Craig and Kate (we had to bring a soccer ball or else...)

Aldo's bakery delivering pastries to the anchorage

Playground fun

Leaving Block Island

1 comment:

  1. We may have to take a ferry out to this place when we're in the area - looks charming. Enjoying the pictures of the girls, esp. building with legos. Nice to see a family photo too. - Joyce