Sunday, July 8

Newport, Rhode Island

While Bristol is a quiet and charming waterfront town that is linked to the sea with rich nautical history, Newport is considered (by most) the yachting capitol of the US.  It hosts more yachting events than any other town.  We thought there were a lot of boats in Bristol for the 4th of July.  There are more here; hundreds (no fudging here) on moorings, anchored or docked.  It is impressive to see and crazy to navigate around. 
We arrived in Newport Harbor yesterday afternoon, just as it started to rain.  It didn’t rain hard or very long but it did bring some relief to the humid stillness.  After which the sea breeze returned to blow the clouds away.  It is invigorating when the sun goes down the temperature does too.
We weaved our way through the anchorage to find a suitable spot to drop the hook.  The boats were all so close together, it was quite intimidating.  I guess we didn’t have to worry about anyone complaining we were anchored too close, since everyone was really close and cozy (anchor etiquette rule #1).
We went ashore to the waterfront in search of some fresh fish for dinner.  We, of course, are not familiar with Newport at all, so it was a little like the blind leading the blind.  We followed other dinghy’s thinking they knew where they were going until we found the pier we were after.   The sign on the piling said dinghies had to tie up in the ‘yellow painted’ area at the end of the dock.  Well, that’s just great, it was full, way past the yellow line mind you.  Craig and I fretted about what to do.  Do we push our way through the dinghies to be “legal” and risk pissing off another dinghy owner?  Or, do we just tie up and hope they don’t impound our dinghy?  We debated for way too long and decided to tie up outside the yellow line.  Gasp!  Can you tell that Craig and I are rule followers??  The dinghy owner next to us had come and gone once and when he came back a second time said “you still on the dock?!”  Oh, how embarrassing.  We are so green; it’s so not funny.  Craig admired the people that zipped in at near full speed, stopped on a dime, tied up, got off and were on their merry way in a flash.  Hopefully we will be that cool at the end of this year.  We can only hope right!

Our last day in Bristol was spent with Dan's extended family on our boat!  

Boyer girls with Caroline (niece)

Katie (and brother Steven) climbed the mast 

Kate's favorite spot on the boat while underway (how can she read???  She must get it from Craig; certainly not me!)

The girls inspired an entire flock of geese coming from all over the marina with cheerios

When the sun goes down in Newport, there is a canon shot (every night) in honor of the "sunset salute"

Surprise...more fireworks!  Yeah for us, another front row seat

Fireworks with Newport Bridge on the right

Mmmmm, look at that lobster (we almost bought).  We got flounder instead.


  1. It was wonderful spending some time on the water and during the parade with ya'll! Hope you enjoyed your fourth with the Rumpliks and Belmores. Thank you!

  2. Dinghy confidence will come, I promise!