Monday, August 27

That Mountain

Written by Kate.
"There's a rock over there," I said while my dad was trying to steer the dinghy clear of the rocks.  "Got it Kate," he said pulling up the motor.  I got an oar out of the locks on the bottom of the dinghy.  "Thanks Kate," my mom said.  I was rowing with one oar trying to get us ashore.  Maggie grabbed the dinghy anchor, hopped out of the boat and wedged it between two logs.  After that we all headed to the trail.  "Woah, that's so cool!" I said pointing to rocks made into stairs.  "Mom, will you get our picture?" "We'll have plenty of time to take pictures," mom said.  "Please!?"  Maggie really wanted a picture then.  "Oh I guess," and Olivia, Maggie and I smiled for the picture.  A couple minutes later my dad remembered the key was still in the dinghy.  While he fetched that, we came across a man and his son.  After my mom explained where dad went, the man said "well, this is a low crime area but had I known there was a key in your boat I would have made off with it."  That got a little chuckle out of everybody.  We reached the top about two hours later.  I went to the side of a big rock.  "Kate stop!"  My dad said.  "Why?" I whined.  "Because it's a cliff," he said in a stern voice.  I inched my way over to the edge anyway only to find a not so nice NO! coming in my direction.  We ate lunch and hiked down a new path on a fire road with me complaining that my big toe hurt.  When we got back down to the beach it wasn't high tide anymore.  We meant for the dinghy to go out with the tide but it turned out to be the opposite.  We asked a couple if they would help us get the dinghy back in the water.  They agreed and we got it successfully back in the water with many unexpected stops.

Stone stairs

My infamous Statue of Liberty pose

walking on the path made from trees

View from the top - looking out at little Cranberry Island and beyond

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