Sunday, August 26

The hike in Valley Cove

Written by Maggie
It was a humid and cloudy day.  We were the only ones anchored in the cove, which was nice.  We yelled into the mountains, “hello!”  The mountains repeated our call a few times and each time the word slowly faded into the trees.  I soon found out that we were going on a hike to the tippy top of St Sauveur Mountain.
            We zipped to shore in the dinghy and I shoved its anchor between 2 nearby logs to hold it. “That’ll do,” I said.  We started the hike on huge boulders that define the whole mountain.  There was a large amount of trees scattered around the mountain.   Some of the trees I saw included birch, aspen, and oak as well as blueberry bushes and lots of weeds.  As we continued on the trail, I spotted a baby squirrel. “Shhh! It’s eating!” I whispered.  When my dad and Olivia got closer to the tree the squirrel was perched on, it started chirping in a high-pitched tone.  It was probably saying, “get away!” in squirrel language. 
            The higher we hiked up the mountain, the more humid it was.  As the humidity level increased, so did the level of which the humans started to complain. (That’s me) There wasn’t any wind that day, which made it worse. 
            We finally reached the top of the cliff about 2 hours later.  “You can see everything from up here!” If it wasn’t cloudy, you might’ve been able to see Matinicus Island.  “Hey, there’s Boston!” my dad joked.  The hike down was so much faster.  It was only about 30-45 minutes.  As we followed the trail back down, I noticed that there were tons of baby “Christmas” trees lining both sides of the trail. 
When we reached the bottom, the tide was so low I could hardly recognize the shore.  “Are you sure this is the right place?” I asked.  “Yep, I’m positive; look at the dinghy,” My mom replied. There is a 15-20 foot tide in Valley Cove and in the mornings it was high tide and in the afternoon and evening it was low.  What was once covered by water was revealed: rocks, rocks, and more rocks.  We asked a young couple from Salem MA to help us lift the 350-pound dinghy back into the water.  Successfully, we made it back to the boat.

What you lookin' at?
 The view from the top of the mountain

Kate and I eating lunch at the top of the mountain looking up Somes Sound

 The dinghy 15 feet ashore

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