Saturday, May 18

Ground Hog Day in St. Lucia

We spent nearly the entire month of March in St. Lucia enjoying all our visitors and waiting for our darn autopilot to be fixed (another story for another day).  If you didn't notice from the blog posts, perhaps you noticed following our Spot, that we did a number of trips up and down the coast of St. Lucia.  This was mostly because our guests were spread out in different areas of this relatively small island.  It was a logistical challenge to spend as much time with everyone in each location.  No worries though, we learned that traveling by boat was faster, easier and in our opinion, a lot more fun.

While spending time with Bob and Christine in Martinique, they posed the question of hiking Petit Piton with us.  They had already hiked it once and knew we would also enjoy it.  We were totally game for the challenge.  Back to St. Lucia we went.  In the meantime, I got an e-mail from Captain Dan wondering if we were stuck in Groundhog Day.  He had been following our Spot and noticed the many trips back and forth, then Martinique and then back again! did feel like that, now that you mention it.

Approaching St. Lucia for the 2nd time

Olivia singing her heart out while we sail back to St. Lucia

Decorating easter eggs!


moer concentrating

The finished products 

Easter morning 

Easter egg hunt

Blueberry muffins

Skyping the grandparents

 Maggie, Kate, and Olivia delivered muffins to Virginia Dare

Driving solo

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