Saturday, May 25

Sailing, Friends and Birthdays

"'Tis skill, not strength, that governs a ship"
-Thomas Fuller

St. Marrten was a reuniting of other cruising friends we have met along the way as well as meeting new ones.  Most importantly, these were boats with kids!  We all descended on St. Marrten at different times, but there was a common window in which we could all play.  The local yacht club held dinghy sailing classes for kids in the afternoons and allowed our kids to participate as much or as little as they wanted.  

DAY 1 sailing class:  Maggie and Olivia.  Maggie, being older, had a semi-private lesson on a larger, 14-ft boat.

Olivia was partnered with an older girl in an opti

Olivia's partner teaches her some techniques like 'hiking out' - where you lean out on the windward side  in an attempt to keep your boat flat and fast.  Here she is demonstrating that skill even though they are not heeling at all!  Oh well, you can't fault her for having tried.

Learning all the boat parts, putting the boats in the water and getting the sails up is part of the 3 1/2 hour class.  And then dissassembling afterwards, as Maggie is doing here.

Fun hanging out afterwards at the yacht club.  Ayla, Jona and Sage from s/v Sea Schelle.  Christian from s/v Ann Bonny.

Celebrating Ayla's birthday aboard s/v Sea Schelle, Matt, blows the conch shell at sunset.  

 This is a swing that Sea Schelle rigged up on the bow of their boat. Ayla takes a turn...

 ....then Olivia...

 ...then Kate, then Jona, then Maggie and even little Sage got a ride

 Ayla's birthday wish was to celebrate with friends and make sushi.  It was the best sushi making feast we have ever had.  So much fun!!  Happy Birthday Ayla.  

 Ayla and Kate being silly

 Maggie playing with Sage.  Sage fell in love with Maggie and would cry each time we had to leave.  She learned how to say her name and was genuinely smitten.  I think the feeling was mutual!

Found Olivia asleep in Sea Schelle's cockpit.  I guess she had enough fun for one day.

Kate and Jona make cookies

 DAY 2 sailing class.  Olivia gets her own set of wheels and she couldn't be more proud.

Kate and Cara from s/v Moana Roa sailing near the yacht club trying not to run into the mega yacht behind them.  Kate came a little too close, as the instructor came racing over in her dinghy to instruct her out of that spot.

 Kate sailing away...

 Back at the dock, getting ready to put away the boats

 Kate carries her sail and mast to the storage building

 Kate and Cara help stack and tie the opti's to the rafters

 DAY 3 sailing class.  This was a special class just for cruising kids held in the morning while the local children were at school.

 Kate sailing by one they sailed past our boat during their class.

 Maggie sailing along....

 Olivia sailing along....

Yacht club drinks after sailing class.  Cara, Kate, Christian, Travis, Beau, Olivia and Maggie

 A pretty sunset in Simpson Bay Lagoon

 We were invited to a beach party with Sea Schell.  Erica and Matt had family in town for a visit and we spent the evening playing volleyball and eating pizza.  The kids found this tiny and scared kitten.  They all became terribly attached and even named him Martin.

Ayla holds and comforts Martin

 Buddies:  Maggie and Sage

Maggie cuddles with Martin on Sea Schell.  They adopted the kitty and brought him on board.

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