Monday, May 6

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Happy 14th Birthday Maggie!!
March 8, 2013

Waking up on Patronus after a sleepover

chocolate chip scones for breakfast

A day of touring the island....First stop: Toraille Waterfall

We were the only ones there to enjoy in peace

Showered by the waterfall

Getting a back massage

Visiting the drive through volcano museum

Learning about how a piton forms.  It's actually a volcano that never erupted

The steam rising form the hot springs

Stinky rotten egg smell!

Birthday lunch at the Chocolate Hotel Restuarant

A birthday celebration:  Charles, Craig, me, Karen, Chris, Bob, Erica, Gene, Kat, and Christine

Make a wish.  As we sang happy birthday to Maggie, the candles were flickering and as soon as she was going to blow the candles out, the wind decided to do it for her - right on cue.

Mmmm, good....vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache with beach umbrellas

Present time

Time to say goodbye to the Conways.  They are heading north while we stay in St. Lucia for more visitors from home.  We hope to meet up with them in the Bahamas!  It was bittersweet to celebrate a birthday and say goodbye....a very emotional night for our families.

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