Saturday, May 11

Second Chances

While we waited another week for our autopilot to be rebuilt in St. Lucia and knew it wouldn't be done for another week due to Easter, we were ready to blow that popsicle stand.  Chris and Cari had left but we still had friends in the area.  We e-mailed Virginia Dare and found out they were in Martinique, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Rodney Bay.  We looked at each other and said "let's get outta here".  We set sail by 8 am the next day and pulled into St. Anne 20 miles later at 1 pm.  We had a close reach kinda sail, but it was still pleasant enough.  We found our way to where Virginia Dare was anchored and dropped the hook nearby.  We spent the afternoon catching up and received the run down on St. Anne.  It's always nice to have 'local' knowledge or at least 'cruiser' knowledge about a new, unfamiliar place.  Yes, Martinique was french.....GASP!  I know we sort of swore off french islands after Guadeloupe but seeing as how Bob and Christine gave it a rave review, we thought we should give the ole frenchies a second chance.

 Sweet and charming town of St. Anne

 Looking back at the anchorage from the town dock

 Exploring the market before it closes at noon.  We found really good fruits and veggies, but was even better were the candied coconut and the passion fruit jam!  

 Bob helping Craig diagnose the generator issues

 Olivia taking care of her baby

Another beautiful sunset in the Caribbean.  Sorry, I never get tired of taking these pictures.  Every. Single. One. is different and amazing in its own way.

Virginia Dare treated us to a day sail in Martinique.  Kate helps Christine raise the main

View towards Fort de France, the capital of Martinique

Looking back at  La Marin

Here we go....notice Bob's t-shirt! : )

Christine's in charge

Another Barracuda...letting him go....

Rail smiles

Fishing but catching...

Gorgeous day for a sail, perfect conditions

So far, so good....we were really enjoying Martiniqe

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