Wednesday, May 8

St. Lucia Part II, More visitors!

Girls, girls and more girls.  The second set of visitors arrived in Rodney Bay just as Charles and Karen were leaving Soufriere.  That meant we needed to sail back to the northern tip of St. Lucia for a second time (and it won't be our last).  We were super excited that two sets of family friends came to visit us.

Leaving Soufriere, we witnessed these local gentlemen going out to fish in their dugout canoe.

First, remember, Maggie got picked up in Soufriere by Charlotte and her mom.  She spent a couple of days with Charlotte hanging out at their condo and beach.  Pure heaven for a 14 year old!

Hot tub on the balcony!

Charlotte enjoying her fruity drink from a coconut

Cari and her daughters Malia and Lizzy arrive the following day and we all spent some time on our boat, swimming and talking - what girls do best.  Craig felt right at home with so many girls : )  

Silly business

 Dana walking to the bow

Hammock time with Charlotte and Liv

Maggie takes Lizzy and Charlotte sailing

The fruit and veggie guy meandering through the anchorage

Steel pan drums play while we eat in the open air Ocean Club restaurant

Zip lining in the rainforest at Treetop Adventures - Big Runner, our driver, is giving a virtual hug behind us!

Wait!  I thought we were zip lining today?!

Cari, Kate, Lizzy, Malia and Maggie

Olivia gets harnessed up

A little blurry but we are ready to swing from the trees

Nice gloves!

Waiting in line

There goes Maggie.....

Big Runner takes us to a nice lunch spot on the way back to Rodney Bay.

Charlotte snorkels for the first time.  We went near Pigeon Island in Rodney Bay which was supposed to be a good snorkel spot, but it most definitely was not that day.  

Lizzy snorkels too

Hello Maggie

Playing cards at Cari's rental house, "The Butterfly House", named for the mosaic butterfly at the bottom of the pool

Taking a night time dip in the pool

Teaching Cari and Dana the finer points of Euchre.  Our favorite Michigan card game.

Saying goodbye to Charlotte as she heads back home

Cas-En-Bas Beach is located on the Eastern side of St. Lucia.  It was a 2 mile walk from Rodney Bay 

Olivia showing off with Kinsley.  Olivia, Cari and I saw horses seeking shelter in the shade while we were exploring the beach front.  Olivia was delighted to pet the horses.  Kate went to go see the horses too and returned asking if she could take a ride on the beach with Kingsley.  I first said no because the price was a little steep for a 10 minute ride.  Kate left again and returned, bringing Kingsley with her.  He said he would take whatever I was willing to give.  So I said ok for a fair price.  When else will we be able to ride a horse on the beach?  He gave Kate, Olivia and I rides up and down the beach and a swim in the water.  We tried to convince Maggie, Cari and Lizzy to do it, but no luck.  It was really fun and Red was a great horse.  When we went into the water, we rode bareback, which we have never done before.  The girls had a blast, especially Kate, since she loves horses so much!  Kingsley was very friendly with a good sense of humor.  He wanted to know where my husband was and wanted to make sure Craig wouldn't come after him later.

Kinsley takes me for a ride on Red

Kate and Liv ride up and down the beach

Liv goes for a swim with Red and Kingsley

As we were leaving for the day, a large number of horses came out from behind some buildings, down the beach and waded in the water as if it was part of their afternoon routine.  The were very calm and nonchalant about it.

Stopping for a refreshment

yummy ice cream after a long walk back from the beach!

This is what Craig did while we were gallivanting on horses at the beach all day.  Looks like fun right?

Maggie and Lizzy ready for jump up in Gros Islet.  Gros Islet was the small town next to the marina area where the locals live.  Every Friday, they have a jump up - which is essentially a street festival.  There is loud music, food, souvenirs and loads of people.  Everyone is friendly and out for a good time.   There was a good mix of cruisers, vacationers and locals.   Unlike Dominica reggae night, we did not stay until the wee hours of the night.

The music was loud and everyone was ready to get their groove on!

A local befriending Kate....he danced with all the girls

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