Monday, May 6

Visitors from home!

Our first of three guests to arrive from Dallas.  We were soooo excited to see faces from home.  Blog followers, meet Charles and Karen.  They stayed at a beautiful, amazingly gorgeous resort (Sugar Beach Resort) that was nestled in between the Pitons on St. Lucia.

View of Gros Piton from the resort pool

First dinghy ride of many to our boat

Beautiful resort view from the dinghy.  We were fortunate to be able to sit on a mooring ball right in front of the resort.  

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like....we are mooning Virgina Dare.  It's too good not to share....we had talked with Patronus and Virginia Dare about coming to the southern part of St. Lucia in March while Charles and Karen visited, celebrate Maggie's birthday and say our goodbyes to Patronus who were moving on.  All of this was done via e-mail.  Virginia Dare really wanted to join us but weren't sure if they could make it happen.  Meanwhile, in one of the passing e-mails, Christine casually mentions that they had a cockpit party - NAKED!  What?!  Exactly what did they mean by this, we wondered.  We came up with all sorts of scenarios in which one might end up naked in their cockpit with fellow cruisers.  For example:  "Hey there so and so, you interested in coming over for a pajama party, sans the pajamas?"  I mean who does that?  Well I guess Bob and Christine do.  Soooo....the 6 of us  (Craig and I, Erica and Chris, Charles and Karen) were sitting beachside drinking an adult beverage when we see Virginia Dare pull into town.  Yeah, they made's a surprise...this is great....we need to get to the bottom of this pajama party.  Next thing you know, we are hatching a plan....hence the reason for the full moon.  Poor Charles and Karen got acquainted with our friends real fast!  Luckily they are good sports and took some pictures for us.

Chritsine giving us the the thumbs up....guess they liked it!

Enjoying cocktails and snacks, which turned into dinner and dessert.  That's how we roll, cruiser style.

 The following day, we took Charles and Karen out for a day sail up the coast of St. Lucia

 We stopped for a swim

Charles and Olivia fishing

Maggie gets picked up by her friend Charlotte on her way to Rodney Bay.  We will soon be traveling back north to Rodney Bay to be reunited with Maggie, Charlotte and her mom, Dana.

That night, Charles arranged for a babysitter (in their villa) for Kate and Olivia so we could go out to dinner with them, Bob and Christine.  What a great night in the swanky tapas restaurant.

 Christine, Karen and I all dolled up for a night on the town.

 Bob having a little fun with the art on the bar

 Really bad picture..but another fun night on Kat and Gene's boat.  Charles and Karen got a good dose of our cruising lifestyle, that's for sure.  I think they spent more time away from their resort than they did in it!

Who's hiding under there??  Olivia and Charles having another fun moment.

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