Monday, May 6

St. Lucia Part I

After getting the boat all pretty, we needed to head to the southern part of the island to meet our first guests.  Along the way, we stopped in Marigot Bay.  It was a very small bay, only big enough for less than 20 boats it seemed.  We tried to anchor in the outer bay, but had no luck with the holding.   We picked up a mooring ball instead, located inside the lagoon, surrounded by mangroves and palm trees.

Sun setting in Marigot Bay

One of the perks for getting a mooring ball was having access to the resort pool (and swim up bar).

After our whopping 24 hour stay, we were moving on, leaving Marigot Bay.  But don't worry, we'll be back.....
Our first glimpse of the magnificent Pitons!

Pulling into the bay outside the town of Soufriere.

The bat caves near the mooring ball we stayed on.  We could clearly hear the TEN thousand bats squeaking inside that crack!  There was no mistaking that sound.

See, I told you there were lots of them.

Once on land, we went to the Diamond Botanical Gardens specifically to experience the mineral baths.  

Examples of some of the exotic flowers found on St Lucia (in the Botanical gardens)

The rocks turn yellow as a chemical reaction to the sulfur in the water that come directly from the volcano.  The water looks black instead of a pretty blue.  This is typical of volcanic water.  The water changes color each day depending on the metal content and quantity of iron and copper.

The PRE-mineral bath shower

The mineral baths.   Don't we look younger already?

Not sure what this is but it's some sort of fruit (may or may not be edible)

Olivia buys a hand crafted carved and painted piece of wood from the artist's studio

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