Thursday, December 13

BVI Circuit - Anegada

We left Trellis Bay at 8 am and sailed the 20 miles east to Anegada.  Anegada is named The Drowned Island in our guide book.  If you blink or sail too fast, you might miss it.  It is a stark contrast to the volcanic mountains of the rest of the islands.  It is comprised of coral and limestone and at its highest point is only 28 feet above sea level.   There are over 300 known wrecks in the 10 mile stretch of Horseshoe Reef, which is on the southeast side of the island.   

About 5 miles from Anegada, we caught a fish!  Craig reeling in his first fish!

He was a fighter

Arrrgggg!  Kate's ready with the rum to pour in the gills.  Notice the name on the bottle...Callwood Distillery (the fish won't know if it's good or bad, right?)

Not too shabby for the first catch

Everyone wants to watch Craig gut it and clean it

Liv holding on tight so we don't lose it overboard.  That's a bucket of ice.

Catch, clean, fillet and into the refrigerator (extra in the freezer) in less than 30 minutes!

Driving the boat while Craig brings in the catch

Anegada in the distance...a very low profile

Hanging out with a fellow Salty Dawg in Anegada

Cow Wreck Beach

It's nice to know they have their priorities straight

This is a real picture that I took....not a really looks this beautiful

Not a bad lunch spot

Kate and Reese's beach spa.  Erica and I received the sand exfoliation treatment and a foot rub.

Surfer Girl

We didn't run into any cow bones, in which Cow Wreck Beach was named.  But we did come across a lot of cows.  They are not big meaty cows like they grow 'em in Texas!

Sunset on Anegada

Lobster shack on the dinghy dock.  A lobster dinner here is $50 per person!  Yikes.  That's a far cry from the the scrumptious lobster we had for $3.50 a pound in Maine.

Path leading to the water at Loblolly Beach the following day

Nap time

Roosters, cows, donkeys and goats galore.  This goat was wondering through out the beach and even walked into the bar.  I guess their health codes aren't very strict.

Wish you were here!

Ready for the magazine ad

Carrying a log across the beach...just for fun

Hammock fun

Playing under the mangrove canopy

Craig and Mat enjoying the patio...beers finished

The names of our boats, crew and the year on a piece of driftwood!  Please ignore the crazy was super windy!

Example of the driftwood hung all around the bar

The crew

The finished product...all nailed up and ready to be viewed by the world

How many people can you stuff into a rental car?  There are no safety laws here, right?  The only way to see the island is by car, even though it is only 11 miles long.

On our way back to town, we passed Flamingo Bay and low and behold there was a flock of Flamingoes.  18 Flamingoes were donated by the Bermuda Zoo and now the flock is over 100!

Back at the homestead, Liv and Porter busy with art projects


  1. Awesome trip so far! It is so great to hear you talk and see photos of all the places we visited. Wish we were there with you! Just read through your blog from your departure from VA. What an adventure... so happy for you all! When we talked back at your home in June '09 did you ever think you would be in the BVIs...we thought you might!! Enjoy enjoy and a very Merry Christmas from s/v Salt & Light (The Dennehys <><)

  2. small world, we are a family of four and will be sailing for 4 months starting in Jan. Live in Holland, MI. and received your blog address from the Ives. We wondered who the crazy family with three girls sitting in front of us at all the weather seminars at the boat show were.

    we will continue to follow you. take care, safe travels.