Wednesday, December 12

BVI Circuit - Road Town & Soper's Hole

Upon leaving the Bitter End in Virgin Gorda Sound, we had a nice day sail to Road Town, spent the night and then sailed to Soper's Hole the next day.  We stopped in Road Town to go to the multiple  marine supply stores in search of parts and provision at the grocery stores.  This is the biggest, most stocked city in the BVI's (with the best prices).  It is also a cruise ship destination, but we aren't quite sure why.  Perhaps it has the deepest water.  It is not the most picturesque place we have seen thus far.....just saying.

Leaving the Bitter End, passing by 'The Sand Box' on Prickly Pear Island

Anything Goes under sail

s/v Patronus had to put out their spinnaker to keep up with us!  Tee Hee.  They are always so beautiful under sail!

Sailing into Road Town.  We anchored just outside the marina to go ashore.  As we walked through town to the stores, we noticed roosters roaming around and that they drove on the opposite side of the road.  It was a constant challenge to remember this when we crossed the street!  The part of Road Town we were in was not the touristy part, but we didn't know that until later.  There were often no sidewalks and the buildings looked pretty rough around the edges.

Cruise ships docked in Road Town

Happy Girl

Enjoying the sun and sailing

The "Moorings" charter base in Road Town.  Surprisingly, there were a lot of boats in their slips.

Entering Soper's Hole the following day.  

Soper's Hole Wharf and Marina were very colorful as we pictured the Caribbean would be.

A little school work in the cockpit is not sooo bad!

Freshly squeezed orange juice at "D Best Cup" outdoor cafe where we had a tasty breakfast

 Noisy goats on the hillside and the 4 am rooster wake up calls sometimes felt like we were on a farm and not in the Caribbean.

s/v Anything Goes at rest in Soper's Hole

We took the Conway's on our boat, around the corner, to Smuggler's Beach for a fun day in the sun

Kids in the water with our boat anchored in the background

Kate's sand chair

View of Smuggler's Beach.  Gorgeous!

Erica conducts yoga class on the beach

Liv jumping off our boat

Bryson's canon ball

Maggie catching a wave on the boogie board

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