Monday, December 24

Happy Holidays from Anything Goes

happy holidays

As promised, our annual poem awaits you, minus the greeting card.  However, we did it in true cruiser fashion, made a video and put it to a tune....see if you recognize it (at least anyone born before the 80's)!

To view our video, please click here

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of an awesome trip
That started from a Florida port
Aboard a sailing ship

The mate is a fearless sailing mom
The skipper brave and sure
Five passengers set sail in June
For a year long tour, a year long tour

The summer season in the states,
The hurricane made us duck
If not for the 1500 miles
The crew would be stuck, the crew would be stuck

The boat set ground on the shore of this charted tropical isle
With Gwendylin
The Craigers too
The deck swab and her dog
The drama queen
The teenager on instagram
Here on Anything Goes

So this is the tale of the Boyer fam
They’re sailing tried and true
They’ve learned how to make the best of things
Even missing you

Even when the fish don’t bite
The skipper braves a smile
He knows the first mate has a plan
It’ll be ready in a while

The crew is responsible for their learning
Each and every day
The swimming’s always close behind
The water's never gray

So join us on our blog each week
You’re sure to see us smile
Wishing you the best this year
Here on tropical isle


  1. We sang the whole thing! Thanks for the chuckles and Happy GREAT New Year to you all!

  2. We loved your musical greeting! Happy New Year with lots of smooth sailing and great adventures! We got to talk with Marce and Jack on Facetime yesterday....almost like having them here in NJ, but not quite!

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