Thursday, December 13

BVI Circuit - Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is about 3 miles from Tortola.  It is considered a large, high island, though it only has a population of 225.  This is White Bay, where we anchored our first night.

View at anchor

Beautiful clear water

The 'Stress Free' Bar on the beach

Looking NE at anchor towards Tortola

Dinghy ashore, drag the dinghy on the beach ......holding up soggy dollars in anticipation to use at the Soggy Dollar Bar

White sandy beaches, palm trees and lounge chairs.  It doesn't get much better!

The Soggy Dollar bar named for the soggy state of dollar bills used to pay for drinks after swimming ashore from an anchored boat.  The Soggy Dollar claims to be the birthplace of the "Painkiller" drink.

Order up - 4 painkillers with freshly ground nutmeg

Chris and Craig play the ring-on-a-string game

relaxing in the afternoon sun, watching the kids play in the water

Local bougainvillea vine

Olivia turns 7 

We made our way over to Diamond Cay the following day.  This is the shallow channel that connects big Jost and little Jost Van Dyke

Anchored in Diamond Cay

The big attraction here is the Bubbly Pool.  The ocean waves come crashing through a narrow opening and then spill into this natural pool.  As the waves tumble in, thousands of bubbles are created, hence the name.

Craig and Maggie standing in the bubbly pool

View of the bubbly pool from the top of the rocks.  A wave is just coming in....

Everyone watches as the waves come barreling toward them

Watch out Kate, some of those waves are big and strong!

Mommy and Olivia resting between waves

Maggie stands lookout on the rocks.   

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