Saturday, December 1

Odds and Ends

Since losing our computer and having intermitten internet connections, it has been a challenge to keep the blog updated.  The Conway Family on s/v Patronus generously allows us to borrow their back up computer.  So I am going to get you caught up in a jiffy with only a few pictures.  We have many more pictures on our phones but can't get them uploaded directly to our borrowed computer.

We arrived at the Bitter End Yacht Club at 7:30 on November 20, two days before Thanksgiving.  We were tired and the boat was a complete wreck.  We had not made a bed in 11 days.  Toothbrushes, clothes, harnesses, foul weather gear, boots, dishes and snacks were strown all over the place. 

Some people might wonder what goes on during a passage.  Perhaps we are sitting around the cockpit table playing games and sipping an ice cold rum drink enjoying the sunsets.  Wrong!  We are busy from sun up to sun down taking naps whenever possible, fighting seasickness, eating with the goal of using the least amount of dishes as possible, getting your teeth brushed whenever and where ever you can. 

This is our cabin after our passage with things on all over the floor and on the bed.

Our shower was being used as a closet at the moment, storing extra life jackets and pantry items and things that needed to be out of the way.

We had a window screw wiggle its way loose and got all our paperwork wet.  Here it is drying out in the sun.

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  I made cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries and pumpkin pie squares

The turkey breast cooking in the pressure cooker - turned out amazing!  We took our fixin's over to Patronus and we had a feast together complete with stuffing, vegetables, sweet potato pie and fresh bread.

Erica and I getting the dinner buffet ready

Kids eating in the cockpit

Mmmm, good!

The pub at the Bitter End where we have happy hour rum punch or Carib beer

Kate happy making buttermilk pancakes

The dinghy dock at the Bitter End, right in front of the pub

Lots of palm trees around here

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  1. I can't tell y how happy I was to read this blog post! I thought we were the only ones who arrived after a passage in complete disarray. I imagined you guys in a perfectly tidy boat, all scrubbed clean and fresh. I feel better now :). With just the two of us you'd think we could keep things semi in order but we're so tired off watch that nothing gets done.

    Anyway, glad you're safe and sound and warm and digging your toes in the sand finally! Hugs all around!