Thursday, December 13

BVI Circuit - The Indians, Norman Island & Trellis Bay

Moving right along in our BVI tour, our next stop was the Indians, Norman Island and Trellis Bay.  The Indians are nothing more than 3 large rocks that rise out of the water and stand tall.  There are no beaches and no overnight anchoring.  It is strictly a snorkeling/diving destination.  Nearby Norman and Peter Islands are known as the Freebooters Gangway in the waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel.  This name was made famous by the successful circumnavigation privateer commissioned by the Royal Navy.  Many pirates have come and gone in these parts.

As we made our way to The Indians, we passed this sailing cruise ship.  It had 5 masts!

The Indians.  I wasn't kidding when I said it was just 3 rocks sticking up.

Maggie, Liv and Wendy ready to go snorkel

Peering between The Indians

Swimming over to the rocks for some snorkeling.  Kate and I saw a Nurse shark!  That got our hearts pumping.  They are harmless and swim on the bottom of the ocean floor.  Still!  The fish were beautiful and plentiful, in all sizes and colors.

At anchor in the Bight on Norman Island.  Feet dangling down as we wait for Patronus to make their way into the anchorage

View out of the anchorage

Craig jumping off our radar arch

A day hike up to the top 

View of the anchorage from the top
View of the other side

A turtle swimming by the boat 

Another quick stop in Road Town to get new glass put in our enclosure.  This is the before can tell it is not clear AT ALL.   Where's Maggie?  That makes it difficult to see minor details like other boats and navigational aids!

Our new glass going doesn't even look like there is anything there.   

How does that song go??   "I can see clearly now....."

After picking up our new glass, we missed Peter Island and met up with Patronus in Marina Cay (pronounced 'key').  The wind was too strong, making the waves too big for snorkeling.  And after one really rocky night at anchor, we moved over to Trellis Bay.  The girls and I went ashore to check out the scene.

It was pretty deserted but it seemed that perhaps it was a happen' place when they have their full moon party each month.

There was a  great local artists center with lots of beautiful (very expensive) things.

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