Saturday, December 15

Deck The Halls

Tis the season to be jolly, Fa La La La!  Our boat is decked out with the few items we brought from home or collected at the dollar store in Hampton.  It definitely feels different than being at home where decorations are oozing out of every crevice!  We do have our Christmas music on board but somehow it just doesn't feel the same.  So, we bought some Island (reggae) Christmas music and all is better now.  It is going to be a very different Christmas experience for us, but one we are happy to oblige.

Maggie's little tree we brought from home.

Our Christmas garland

My token Santa on board.

Battery operated xmas lights around our cockpit make it feel festive

Christmas window art

We may not have a fire in the fireplace, warm eggnog to drink, multiple parties to attend or the wonderful smell of a noble fir....BUT.... we do have each other, a little reggae Christmas music, the unbelievable turquoise water and an ice cold painkiller in our glass!!!  Ho Ho Ho.  

p.s.  We won't be sending Christmas cards this year, but don't worry, the annual Boyer poem will be posted on the blog in the near future.

Have a Very Happy and Safe Holiday Season. 

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  1. Your decorations are very cute. We are in the same 'boat' in our RV - a 1 1/2' artificial Christmas tree with a few tiny strands of beads and artificial candles - all there's room for! We are flying home Wednesday for a week up north with family and friends. Wishing all of you a memorable and fun Merry Christmas. - Joyce