Wednesday, December 5

Happy Birthday Olivia!

How many 7 year olds do you know that celebrate their birthday in the Caribbean?  We are not gloating, just taking note how special it is for our sweet Olivia.  She had a super fun day sailing to Jost Van Dyke, went up the mast, played on the beach in front of the Soggy Dollar Bar and had a celebratory dinner, cake and presents on our boat with the Conway family.

Making her birthday breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs and english muffins

Happy to be 7!

A birthday ride up the mast.

Swimming on the beach

While Erica and I were ordering a round of painkillers (delicious rum drink), Olivia tells deh ladies behind the bar that its her birthday.  They get so excited that they bring out a plate of TWO (small) slices of cake, surrounded by whipped cream, cherries and a candle.  Everyone around joined in singing happy birthday!

Kate delivers the cake to the birthday shortage of cake for this birthday girl!

Making a wish and blowing out the candles

Olivia and Porter enjoying Funfetti cake with chocolate frosting

Handmade card from Maggie

ohhh, money from grandma's!

Maggie decorated a treasure chest for Olivia's keepsakes

So excited to get handcuffs (from Kate) from the International Spy Museum in DC.

The whole gang


  1. Happy Birthday Olivia! Can it be 7 years already? I remember visiting her in the hospital, she was so tiny. Olivia you must have arrived early because you have so much energy and you were ready to start your life! Looks like you had a fun celebration (in the Carribean, no less). - Joyce

  2. how do I get get signed up for a grilled salmon cheese and gazpacho?