Monday, December 24

Home is where the heart is

We spent the day baking and decorating Christmas cookies and a gingerbread house while at anchor in Christmas Cove (in St. Thomas)!  Funny little coincidence.  These are family traditions we do every year at home during the holiday season.  Usually, I bake A LOT of cookies and treats to share with friends and neighbors.  These traditions are important to the girls.  And while we can't fulfill every tradition as we do at home, we managed to carry out a few.  Living on a boat, in warm weather, with a very small oven makes things somewhat challenging.  But we loved every minute of it.  We cranked up the Christmas music, turned on the Christmas tree lights as flour dusted the galley counter tops and the sounds of fingers being licked....aaaahhhhhh.....I love this time of year.  The smell of the cookies baking filled the boat and brought a sense of home to our boat.  Albiet, we did all this wearing swimsuits and tank tops instead of long pants and sweaters.  A nice change, I might add.  Honestly, Christmas has snuck up on us so quietly here in the islands, that we all looked at each and said tomorrow is Christmas!  Even without all the hustle and bustle of parties and shopping, Christmas will come and go way to quickly, as it always does.

Maggie piping the windows and door on the  gingerbread house

Putting the sides together

Olivia deep in concentration as she pipes the front walkway

The finished product!

Olivia cuts out star-shaped cookies

Adding the baked sugar cookies to the pile

Time for the decorating!

Frosting and sprinkles

The finished decorated cookies

Maggie's Gingerbread House making video.  Enjoy!

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  1. Erica should have let you borrow her mermaid and sea shell cookie cutters...
    Her Mom