Saturday, December 8

The BVI Circuit - Virgin Gorda

Let's do a little catching up while we have a good internet connection, shall we?  In the last week or so, we have been on the move, visiting and exploring the British Virgin Islands.

The Bitter End Yacht Club.  Our first stop and our starting point

Our boat on a Salty Dawg free mooring (top center catamaran)
Saba Rock - a small resort on a small island of its own. The only way to get here is by dinghy!  They have a great happy hour and comfortable seating outside

This is what Saba Rock looks like further away

Going for a hike with all the kids.  From left to right:  Porter, Bryson, Kate, Danielle, Maggie, Reese and Olivia.
View of Biras Creek

Friendly lizard on the trail

Trumpet Cactus

Danielle and Bryson feed an iguana a tropical flower.  Our friend Vince on s/v Flight Plan taught us just how to hold the flower and twist to get the iguana's attention.  

Reese and Kate, two beauties of the island

Walking to the beach by Biras Creek Resort

Maggie hooks the ring on the hook, an addicting bar game.  We must install one at home!

Building a plastic cup sand castle city in the (empty) beach bar 

Playing in the sand

Erica and I sit down to take in some sunshine

Maggie on the bow as we sail to our next destination

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