Sunday, December 16

BVI Circuit - The Baths, Spanish Town and Leverick Bay

The much anticipated trip to The Baths was finally underway.  We motored our boat from the Bitter End with the Conway kids and Erica, while Chris stayed back to wait for a FedEx box to arrive (he eventually joined us with their boat).  The Baths National Park is the centerpiece of this dramatic area of the north shore.  The granite boulders that form sheltered sea pools at the beach's edge is a geological wonder.

Hanging out and playing games on the bow as we make our way to The Bath's

Maggie, Reese and Bryson in a deep conversation

Approaching The Baths

Craig secures the dinghy to the 'dinghy mooring'.  There is no anchoring or overnight stays allowed.  

The cavernous surroundings are a result of the molten rock seeping up into the existing volcanic rock layers; because the molten rock did not reach the surface it cooled slowly and formed the hard crystalline granite layer.

Daddy's little girl

white sand beach

Secret rock pools

More boulders and hidden pools

Weathering has rounded the corners of the boulders to what they are today

The Baths is a collection of massive granite boulders as large as 40 feet in diameter

A series of steps and rope handrails guide you along the trail through the boulders

Boyer Beauties

The whole gang on a rock that formed a bridge

Beautiful foilage at the top of The Baths

A very tall tree

The amazing pool at the restaurant/shopping area at the top of the baths.  It's a short hike at the end of the Bath trail.  Take note of the stunning view beyond the railing!

There's our boat waiting for our return

We hiked down the backside as the sun was setting

Beautiful sunset as we headed to Spanish Town for the night.  We parted ways with s/v Patronus as they were heading to Road Town to get some boat work done.

Kate befriended Isaiah with his pet rooster (which I'm sure he gambles with...if you know what I mean)

View of Spanish Town from our boat at anchor

Now that's a huge carrot!!  Shopping in Spanish Town

Every Friday night in Leverick Bay, they put on a show featuring the Jumbies.  

It was so fun to watch in amazement as they danced on those stilts to Caribbean music!

Photo op with the Jumbies

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  1. Your pictures captured your day so well. Looks like you had such a fun and interesting day! - Joyce