Tuesday, December 18

Saba Rock by Kate

Looking through the maze of masts, I see a little island.  Red rooftops with palm trees in the background, is a bar.  I know, I know, I'm not old enough to drink yet.  Only 10 more years to go! (note from mom: should I be scared that this is on her radar? LOL)  Looking at the front, you don't see it, but if you go around back, there is a hotel, with Toucans!  They are named Paz, Pepe and Pacu.  I don't know anything about the hotel except that there are birds.  So don't ask me for tourist advice.  There are palm trees galore in their backyard of the hotel and tables with chairs.  Benches are everywhere and a small little grass covered hill.  Go down the hill and you've reached the bar's backyard complete with tree hammocks, sand, beach chairs and black, red & white tables and chairs.  Now onto the bar.  No, I am not going to talk about the drinks.  Like I said before, I'm not old enough to drink.  My dad will be glad to talk about the painkillers, he's had like 50 already.  Honestly, I don't know.  One of the best things about Saba Rock, besides the chocolate milk...mmmmmm, is dinner time.  Not for humans, but for the Tarpons.  Those of you who don't know what Tarpons are, you can look it up!  I'm just kidding.  Tarpon is a type of fish that has no teeth (no need to worry) and are beautiful.  They say that people actually use their scales for jewelry.  You can volunteer to feed them yourself or just watch.  There is even a tide pool!  Well, there is not much else.  Wait!  You can also have dinner there.  I don't know about lunch though.

Red and white beach chairs with kite surfers racing in the wind

Bucket full of fish for the Tarpon

They are hungry and waiting


  1. Note from a parent of two 11 year olds: don't tell Kate, but it's a lot fewer than 10 years till she'd be allowed, and even fewer till she is able, to drink now she is outside the US! :-)


  2. Kate and family, we SO enjoyed crossing paths with you on Saba Rock. yesterday I opened my wallet to find your url scribbled on a scrap of paper, and finally made my way to your blog. Hope you're soaking up every minute of your travels. We will check in so we can live vicariously every so often. Best of luck with your writing, Kate. That's an adventure all it's own. - Amy Clemens, San Francisco