Wednesday, December 12

BVI Circuit - Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay is on the Western side of Tortola.  It is picture postcard beautiful with its palm fringed white sandy beach.  Towering above the beach is Sage Mountain that rises 1500 feet where there is a rain forest.

View at anchor

Heading into town from the dinghy dock

Asking for directions

View up the street

First stop:  Green Vi Glass Studio.  The islands don't recycle because they don't have the means and it is cost prohibitive to ship it to the United States.  This studio collects the bottles from local restaurants or  towns people to recycle them into art.  Their purpose is to raise awareness and teach the people that it is possible and how to do it.

Kids watching and learning about glass blowing

This glass artist trained in Vermont

The gentleman is soaking and scraping the labels off the bottles.  Then he literally throws them into a container where they break into pieces to be used for the glass blowing

Momma hen and her babies walking along the street

Second Stop:  A local primary school.  We wanted to see if we could meet some children

We watched their music class in progress and then they sang the BVI National Song to us.  They seemed happy and proud to do so and it was a beautiful song!  

Walking along the road with the Conway Family to the Rum Distillery

Third Stop:  This is a working rum distillery that is over 400 years old.  The Callwood Family has owned it for the past 200 years.  The building kinda looks like it is that old too!

Inside the 1 room distillery, bar, tasting room and store.  The gentleman is a one man operation and makes all the rum (apparently) all by himself.

He was kind enough to give us a tour of how they make rum.  This is where the sugar cane is pressed and the juice squeezed out.

These are hand blown glass bottles that the rum is poured into for the 'tasteless', not aged rum.  In other words, it's like Everclear if you've been to Mexico.  The dark rum gets it color and flavor from the oak barrels.  

Cheers.....bottoms up in the tasting room.  The rum was, well, just okay.  Nothing to right home about.  They even sold a "ladies" rum.  This had a piece of sugar cane in the bottle, had a little amber color to it and had a label that could not be shown on this family friendly blog.  We bought a bottle of each, the 10 year old rum and the ladies rum to support the local business.

Bananas growing nearby

View of the beach from the other end where the distillery is located

One of the many restaurants and bars along the beach

Colorful houses poke out on the hillside

We saw this sign in the don't see that everyday!

Walking on the beach

Happy Hour, again!

Kate, the mermaid

Having a good time....Erica, Chris, Craig and Wendy

Sunset on the beach

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